The Gospel Story

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Imprimi Potest           W.S. Rossiter C.M., D.D.
Imprimatur                Archbishop James M. Liston D.D. Bishop of Auckland 5 October 1956




Fr. Ronald Cox C.M. was a member of the Congregation of the Mission – otherwise known as the Vincentian Fathers.  This Order has a long and distinguished history of educating young people in schools, universities and seminaries among other works of charity. His three books: “The Gospel Story”, “Waiting For Christ,” and “It Is Paul Who Writes” provide the reader with scholarly yet uncomplicated commentaries or explanations side by side with the Biblical texts. We are very grateful to the trustees of the Vincentian Fathers who administer the estate of the late Fr. Cox for permission to use these three books.




The Old Testament text is the translation of Ronald Knox © 1948, 1950
The commentary © Ronald Cox 1960
Reproduced here with the permission of the copyright holders.